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Doggie Daycare

What is Doggie Daycare? Whether you are going to have a long day at work, or you just want your dog to socialize with other dogs, our Doggie Daycare is the place for you! We give your dogs hours of playtime. We have toys and activities for your dog to have the best day while you’re away.

Our spacious Doggie Daycare facilities allow your dog to have more than enough room to interact with his friends. Our current clients love Doggie Daycare, because their dogs absolutely love it! Forget the days when your dog was home alone and bored while you are away. Now he can hang out with his friends and get plenty of exercise to keep him happy and healthy! 

Frequent Boarders Special

Policies and Procedures

Before your pet’s Doggie Daycare stay, please familiarize yourself with the following policies and procedures:

  • We do not provide pets with treat unless given permission by the pet owner. Please let us know if you want your pet to receive treats.

  • If requested by the owner, breakfast, lunch, and/or a dinner can be provided to pets. Owners should bring food from home. Dogs are only fed when every pet is separated and crated, and they are given a rest period following mealtime. Otherwise, pets remain uncrated with plenty of opportunities for socialization and play throughout their stay.

  • If your dog is dropped off in need of a nail trim, groom, or vaccination, we will provide this service prior to departure.

Requirements for Doggie Daycare


  • Rabies

  • Canine Influenza

  • Distemper/Lepto combo DHLPP or DA2PP

  • Bordetella every 6 months

  • Negative fecal test within the last year

  • Puppies must be at least 12 weeks of age and any over 6 months must be spayed or neutered.

  • While prior socialization is not a requirement to attend our Doggie Daycare program, any dogs who are aggressive and/or do not play well with others, an individualized day care plan will be discussed.

  • If your dog exhibits signs of stress or discomfort and needs to be removed from daycare, we will notify you immediately.

We look forward to meeting your dog and making his stay as comfortable as possible — for both you and your pet. We take the health and safety of our guests seriously, and we thank you for entrusting us with their care.